Stop trying to

reinvent the wheel

Why that is preventing you from scaling


Knowledge gets stuck

Knowledge gets stuck inside our heads where it can be forgotten, discarded or simply not shared. And when best practice isn’t consistent then business successes aren’t built upon and repeated.

Hivemind captures knowledge so that it doesn’t rely on memory or need to be constantly relearned and repeated.


Knowledge scatters

Knowledge gets scattered around your business in mails, messages, files and tools.

Hivemind makes knowledge easily available and easily actionable to everybody where and when it is needed.


Knowledge gets lost

When people leave the business their knowledge leaves with them. When companies merge or are acquired knowledge can disappear.

Hivemind structures knowledge so that it stays where it belongs: in your business.


Knowledge gets lonely

Unless it is constantly being applied in practice knowledge gets disconnected and becomes academic or theoretical.

Hivemind scales knowledge so that it gets to work and stays at work making a practical contribution to how, when and why tasks are completed.

This smart company scaled with Hivemind.

Wolf Oil Corporation - Automotive Industry - 250 Employees

Wolf Oil Team
Wolf Oil Team
Wolf Oil Team
Wolf Oil Team
Perfect new employee onboarding

Our new employees learn everything about our company at their own pace in Hivemind. We reduced physical trainings and stopped wasting managers' time. All the job specific knowledge is captured in our library and is easy to locate. The biggest change since Hivemind? Our new employees finally learn by doing.

- Lobke Van Den Berghe, HR Business Partner at Wolfoil

Increased sales efficiency

Every sales rep has their own special craft and go-to techniques for closing deals. As a fast growing company we felt the need to have a repeatable process that will work team-wide, for every rep, every time. We analyzed our internal processes, captured them and shared them with our team in Hivemind. Our reps now use a consistent, efficient, repeatable sales process that became the engine for our growth.

- Hendrik Evens, Sales Operations Manager at Wolfoil

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