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Enrich your CRM with repeatable sales workflows

Let your reps use a consistent, efficient and repeatable sales process. Hivemind will fuel the engine for your growth.

Sales workflows to close deals

Discover sales workflows - Browse through our workflow library and start using them right away. These workflows have been created and used by other companies. Import, improve and run the workflow inside your CRM.

Capture your own - Start capturing your internal sales processes with our easy workflow tool. Create workflows that will work team-wide, for every rep, every time.

Use existing knowledge - Connect your document management system and create document workflows your reps can use.

Integrated with:
Trello Asana Dropbox Google Drive

Connect your CRM

Automatic triggers - Link your workflows to the activity in your CRM. Whenever a new lead enters, or moves to a new stage, a workflow will be triggered for the rep to use.

Activity & Results - We’ll update your CRM with the activity and results booked by each sales rep. Keep track of progress in your CRM.

Create your own recipe - Want more flexibility? We’re integrated with Zapier, allowing you to create your own recipes with the tools you already use.

Connect your CRM through:
Connect CRM

Run workflows

Run your worklows inside Slack - Running through a workflow is as easy as having a conversation in Slack. Complete and forward steps inside Slack. Stuck? Ask for support through slack.

Web & Mobile - Run workflows inside our web or mobile product.

Connect your conversations with:
Slack connection
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