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Connect Teamleader with Hivemind and supercharge your deal funnel. Get suggested next actions for each deal in your funnel so you can focus on what matters most: closing business.

The Teamleader sales funnel

Meeting scheduled
Quotation sent

Hivemind sales workflows

Meet Alex, the sales representative!

His sales team uses Teamleader to manage their deals and pipeline. One of his deals just sent him an email confirming his meeting request. Great news!

Meeting scheduled
Quotation sent
How to prepare for a meeting
OK Personalize sales collateral
OK Write interview script
Analyse product usage
Prepare product demo

Alex follows a step-by-step workflow that will help him ace that meeting. Let’s see if he can close that deal (we’re A-positive).

How does it really work?


Sales rep adds new deal in Teamleader


Once the integration is configured, your sales team keeps using Teamleader like they normally wood to add and manage deals.


Hivemind creates a goal with the matching workflow


Whenever a new deal is added, or a deal moves to a new stage, Hivemind will match the deal phase with the right workflow.

Hivemind will create a goal, and add it to to the deal in Teamleader.

The sales rep is now one click away from a step-by-step workflow that will help him/her move the deal to a new stage.


Sales rep completes workflow in Hivemind or Slack


Sales reps will have to complete the workflow step-by-step. They will have to complete certain actions like: filling in a form, checking off a checklist, and uploading certain files.

You can easily follow the progress of the workflow on the deal page in Teamleader.


The result of the workflow defines if the deal will move automatically to the next stage


When a workflow reaches a certain result (which you can specify in in Hivemind), we will automatically move the deal to the next phase in Teamleader.