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Connecting your slack team to Hivemind will increase your team’s productivity in no time. Create, run and discover knowledge workflows inside Slack. We’ve built a powerful Hivemind integration for slack, covering almost all the Hivemind web features. Never leave your favourite communication platform again.

Workflow in Hivemind

Workflow in Hivemind Workflow in Hivemind

Workflow in Slack

Workflow in Slack Workflow in Slack Workflow in Slack

How does it really work?


Keep track of your goals, and pick what you want to work on.


All goals created with Hivemind, come in a handy digest that you will receive every morning at 9AM. You will get a list of all the goals you need to reach this week. Pick a goal, press play and you’re all set.


Easily locate key knowledge, and put it into action.


Browse through your team library and our marketplace to find workflows that can help you reach your goals.


Assign and keep track of goals from slack


Assign goals and the right workflow to your team members in slack. Ask for a status of your goals, or decide what you’re going to work on from your 9AM Daily Goal Digest.


Run workflows in slack. Get step by step guidance in reaching your goal


Complete each step and the required actions of the workflow in Slack.