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Hivemind workflows grow and improve as you use them to help you reach your goals faster.

Start scaling knowledge now
Hivemind captures company knowledge into workflows to help you reach your goals faster.

Stop Re-Inventing The Wheel

Hivemind workflows model the collective experience of your company into easily actionable workflows so you don’t need to start over from scratch on every new prospect and every new project. Get a head start with a range of specialist workflows from The Hivemind Marketplace.


And Get Straight To Work

Whenever you approach a new prospect or start on a new project, Hivemind workflows can be applied immediately and directly to scale your performance and map a faster, clearer path to your goals.


On A Clearer Path

They guide your team through each step, reviewing progress, enabling support and recording achievements.


That Only Ever Gets Better

By applying workflows in, for example your CRM, they grow and improve with use, constantly making best practice better.

Hivemind for teams

Hivemind helps teams be more productive by connecting existing and new best practices with their goals.

The Marketplace

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Start scaling knowledge now